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The Reality of PTSD When Children Die details the emotional toll of the death of a child as faced by veteran Fire Captain and Arson Investigator Patrick Wills. On a cold December night in 2007 in Los Angeles County, three young sisters died while sleeping inside of an illegal garage residence that caught fire. The location of the fire identified the wide-spread problem of the lack of safe and affordable housing in California and America. Captain Wills, places the reader inside the illegal residence before, during, and after the fire is discovered. He shares the emotional impact faced by public safety dispatchers, firefighters, paramedics, and law enforcement who responded that night. Join Captain Wills as he details the complex fire and death investigation procedures. The investigation will explain the struggle faced by the survivor of the fire and family members. Anyone exposed to the death of a child, will understand the emotional impact of this experience. Imagine being exposed to the death of multiple children at the same time. As emergency professionals, first responders are expected to hide their emotions and deal with these tragic situations, sometimes daily. How do they learn to cope, and move on after witnessing the results of such a tragic event? Captain/Investigator Patrick Wills is a veteran of the fire service and law enforcement with over 45 years of public safety experience in Los Angeles County and southern California.

The Reality of PTSD: When Children Die

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