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By Scott Thompson


“I found both motivation and a guide to implementation in this book. Chief Thompson has provided a deep resource for all ranks from creating culture to setting up training structure. I highly recommend this book to anyone with aspirations of making an organizational impact.” —Brian Brush


“Chief Scott Thompson combines his decades of experience and years of observation with today’s leadership skills and provides a path for the successful fire department to follow. The Functional Fire Company will take you step by step from being an ordinary fire department to one that defines excellence.” —Rick Lasky, Fire Chief (ret.) Texas


“Chief Thompson has spent his entire career focusing on training and organizational effectiveness. The Functional Fire Company is his life’s work wrapped up into a playbook that offers insight into how to make your organization perform at maximum proficiency. Experience, perspective, and a never-quit mentality are evident as Chief Thompson provides a unique view to solving problems in the modern-day fire service.” —Terry McGrath, Assistant Chief, Lewisville (TX) Fire Department


“This book offers a living, breathing example that Chief Thompson’s principles truly work. I hope you get as much value from this book as we have received from Chief Thompson’s lessons and that you take what you learn back to your organization.” —Garrett Rice, The Colony Fire Department (TX) Battalion Chief, A Shift

The Functional Fire Company

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