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Most Fire Officers and Chiefs will fight more fires in the station then they will out in the streets. This book will utilize basic fireground terminology to break down and make sense of employee coaching, counseling and disciplinary procedures. It will apply such firefighter knowledge as conducting a size up, which will include looking at the building construction (How the employee is built as well as the condition of the building), the extent and location of the fire (the problem) and doing a risk assessment. Once these observations are considered then a strategy can be determined, and tactics can be put in place. We will then utilize the acronym RECEO to determine what tactics to use when dealing with a problem employee. We will also focus on using Fire Prevention, Education, Pre-Planning and Fire Behavior Recognition Training (Reading Smoke) to prevent fires (problems) and keep them small. We will also compare hostile fire events such as rapid fire progression, flashover, backdraft and smoke explosions to the more difficult personnel issues. The text will conclude with several “Fire Simulations” to choose from and role player scenarios.


Published by Firefighter Book Club Publishing

Rescue Me: Strategies and Tactics for Employee Fires

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