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Leadership skills save lives. Become the exceptional firefighter and leader that your community can count on!


A good fire officer can read smoke, understand building construction, and fight fires. Exceptional leadership, though, means going above and beyond what is required to answer the call of duty. In the fire service, it can be the difference between survival or disaster.

Leadership qualities can advance your career and develop you into the firefighter and exceptional leader that your fire department, crew, and the community can count on.

In Leadership Refined by Fire, John M. Cuomo leverages over two decades as a firefighter to help you become the fire service leader you are seeking to be. This guide will teach you:

  • A step-by-step game plan to develop and improve leadership skills, based on inspirational leaders throughout history.
  • Key practices for self-care during a tough job.
  • How to practice effective leadership in times of chaos.
  • Methods to empathetically care for people in crisis, both on emergency scenes and in the firehouse.
  • How to deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Tips for building a motivational culture while coaching the next generation of firefighters.

Effective leadership is the backbone for safety—and success—in the unpredictable and dangerous fire service. Deeply personal and backed with raw, real-life experiences, Leadership Refined by Fire is a how-to guide you can use to become the leader you are seeking to be—start your journey today.

Leadership Refined by Fire

SKU: 978-1957652009
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