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This easy-to-read book highlights decades of real-life experiences as a firefighter and a Fire Chief in BC, Canada. The first-hand accounts outlined in the book highlight how occupational and life stress can dramatically affect our well-being. It draws readers through a journey and many lessons from Arjuna’s battle with unease and occupational Burnout. This honest, vulnerable, authentic narrative reassures readers that we can master and harness stress in our lives.


The title of this book, Burnt Around the Edges, comes from the experience Arjuna felt back in the summer of 2020. He found himself at a tipping point of total occupational Burnout. Even though he felt burnt around the edges, he knew he had a massive purpose-driven fire burning deep within him. This fire sparked a life-changing transformation in his life and career with a far better understanding of how our bodies react and work under stress.

Burnt Around the Edges by Arjuna George

SKU: 978-1039142480
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