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Steve Prziborowski publishes 4th Book

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Quote from Steve P. - My 4th book "101 Tips to Ace Your Next Promotional Exam" is here! Whether you are preparing for engineer, company officer, battalion chief or even fire chief, the info within from me & over 40 other fire service professionals can help you prepare for the position you aspire to & even get an edge on your competition!

Now available through Fire Engineering Books & Videos - 25% off using the code "101TIPS" & as an added bonus, FREE shipping (through January) if ordered through their website:

My sincerest thanks to my friends at the talented Fire Engineering Books & Videos team for getting this exciting project to the goal line & for taking a chance on me. As someone who has been teaching at FDIC since 2009 & writing articles for Fire Engineering since 2004, this is a dream come true!

Self-publishing my previous 3 books was great, but getting published by the largest Fire Service book publishing company is one of my top highlights of my career.

Huge thanks to a number of friends, mentors & fire service leaders & rock stars who took the time to contribute to this exciting project:

Foreword by

Anthony Kastros

Artwork by

Paul Combs

Pictures by Craig Allyn Rose

Words of wisdom (Voices of Experience) from:

Dena Ali, Anthony Avillo, Larry Conley, Brian Crandell, Mike Daley, Marc Davidson, John Dixon, Dave Dodson, Rommie Duckworth, Michael Dugan, Sean Eagen, Reggie Freeman, Mike Gagliano, Rich Gasaway, Billy Goldfeder, Sean Gray, Randall W. Hanifen, Billy D. Hayes, John Hayowyk,

Phil Jose, Nicol Juratovac, Dan Kerrigan, Todd LeDuc, Benjamin Martin, Jacob McAfee,

Dave McGlynn, Jim Moss, P.J. Norwood, Mark Nugent, Ryan Pennington, Jesse Quinalty,

Dennis Reilly, Dennis L. Rubin, Tiger Schmittendorf, Jarrod Sergi and Andrew Starnes.

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