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2022 Firefighter Book Club Reading List

The firefighter book club meets online once a month through zoom with the author of a fire service of leadership book. We also host virtual and in person book signings as well as offer price discounts for certain books to members.

You can join through our Facebook Group or at

2022 Reading List – Dates Coming Soon

Taking the Heat out of Conflict with Randy Keirn January 3rd

Situational Awareness with Richard Gasaway February 25th

Pride and Ownership with Rick Lasky March 25th

Flow Based Leadership with Judith Glick-Smith April

Working with Giants with John Norman

Purpose Filled Leadership with Les Karpluk

Hoarder Homes with Ryan Pennington

The New Fire Officer with Jason Hoevelmann

Notes from the Fireground with Thomas Dunne

Coordinating Ventilation with Nicholas Papa

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