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Season Of The Witch Book Of Solomon

In Villach in the 13th century, three women are accused by a priest of witchcraft. The first confesses in an attempt to earn mercy. The second claims she made ointments but not magic potions. The third, a hag with a blind eye, does not deny the charge and curses the priest. All three are first hanged and then drowned. The priest pulls the three hanged corpses from the water for a religious ritual so they can never return to life. The priest performs the ritual on each using The Key of Solomon. The first shows no sign of life. The hag's body vomits and twitches violently. The third corpse, the woman who had claimed to be an ointment maker, takes on a demonic appearance, sets the book on fire, and hangs the priest.

season of the witch book of solomon

At the monastery, the men discover that all the monks have succumbed to the plague. They locate the ancient volume, The Key of Solomon, filled with the holy rituals used to defeat evil. Debelzaq begins speaking the ritual used on witches. In a deep voice, Anna begins recounting Behmen's horror of Crusader cruelties, just as Debelzaq realizes that she is not a witch, but has been possessed by a demon. He frantically performs an exorcism. The demon that is possessing Anna finally reveals its form and melts the cage's metal, escaping, while fighting off the knights. When Debelzaq throws a container of holy water on it, the demon flies screeching out of sight. As the men search for it, they realize it is not trying to escape, but to destroy the book so that nothing can kill it. They find a room where the monks were making copies for others to use. The demon destroys the copies and possesses the dead monks to use as weapons. The three men fight the monks' possessed corpses, as Debelzaq continues the exorcism ritual. The demon snaps Debelzaq's neck and incinerates Felson. Kay continues the ritual, weakening it. Behmen fights the demon and is mortally wounded by it. Kay finishes the ritual, and the demon is consumed by holy fire. Behmen asks Kay to keep Anna safe just before he dies. After their fallen friends are buried, Anna asks Kay to tell her about the men who saved her. They both leave the monastery, the Book of Solomon safely in Kay's possession for mankind to use against the forces of evil.

A priest accuses three women of witchcraft and condemns them all to death. However, he is unaware that one of them is a demon in disguise of a woman who claims she made ointments for profit. After having hanged and drowned the three women, the priest returns late at night to retrieve the corpses and perform the book of Solomon ritual. The demon decides to act, taking on a demonic appearance, setting the Book on fire and killing the priest by hanging him under a bridge.

Arriving at the monastery, the group find out that all the monks have died of the plague. They also find a book with special prayers ("The Key of Solomon"), which can help dispel witchcraft. With the book, Debelzaq begins the ritual in front of Anna but the girl begins to count Behmen's acts during his time as a crusader with an exact precision. Debelzaq is suddenly horrified because he realizes now that Anna is not a witch but is rather possessed by something far worst. He turns several pages to find the exorcism's section and begins performing one. The demon reveals himself and destroys the barrels of the cage. But Debelzaq throws holy water on him and makes him flee.

The group realizes that they have all been tricked by the demon. In reality, the creature wanted to be brought in the monastery from the beginning. To attain that goal, he possessed a girl and made the people believing she was a witch because a witch would be brought to religious people who have the book, which the demon aims to destroy. Appearing at the ceiling, the evil creature thanks the group for having brought the book to him. Debelzaq continues the exorcism ritual, which angers the demon. At the same time, the deads monks who have been possessed by others smaller demons summoned by the principal one, arise and attack the heroes. But they manage to defeat them all. The demon then takes action himself. He breaks the neck of Debelzaq who was continuing the exorcism. Taking the book to burn it, Behmen throws him holy water. The demon immediately grabs him to the neck and sticks him to the wall. He declares that he was tormented by the book over centuries but all the others having being destroyed, this book is the last. Strangling him, the demon is interrupted by Felmon but burns him to death. Fortunately, Kay picks up the book to finish the ritual. The demon goes to stop him but Behmen retains him enough time to allow Kay to successfully finish the lecture. The demon is sent back to Hell.

In Season of the Witch, directed by Dominic Sena (Whiteout), Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman play disillusioned 14th century knights returning from the Crusades ordered to take a suspected witch (Claire Foy) to a monastery to discover if she is the cause of the Black Plague. Later, it turns out that there is a demon involved, which can only be destroyed with an ancient book, Key of Solomon, filled with holy rituals.

7. The Fourth Book of Occult PhilosophyCornelius Agrippa was one of the most influential occult philosophers of the 16th century. He certainly wrote three books on the occult sciences, but he had nothing to do with the Fourth Book which appeared shortly after his death. This book of spirit conjuration blackened the name of Agrippa at a time when the witch trials were being stoked across Europe.


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