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Nasod production stopped and the sea spilled over to the land, dividing the earth up. The El was at its breaking point due to the constant harnessing of its power but with the help of a lady possessed by Ishmael's power, she was able to restore the El. Life slowly returned and the people started to venerate the El Lady.

mighty lady elysion

As the story ends with the fateful day when the El exploded. Elsword finds himself in a new location, with Solace before him. There, Solace reveals his plan, that he intended to create this device in order to circumvent the need for the El lady. He hoped that by connection his device to the large Els of the world, and with the contribution from all life that blesses the land, he could create a sustainable world that did not require the El Lady in order to slave away as a sacrifice. He leaves the decision to the Guardian of El, Elsword. The boy told Solace that he promised that he would restore the El no matter what, but Solace urges that doing so would only make history repeat itself, with his sister Elesis being the next casualty. Solace tells Elsword that he alone cannot change the world, that the cooperation between he and his friend are what shape their destinies. He leaves the boy to make the final choice.

At Eleusis inscriptions refer to "the Goddesses" accompanied by the agricultural god Triptolemus (probably son of Ge and Oceanus),[33] and "the God and the Goddess" (Persephone and Plouton) accompanied by Eubuleus who probably led the way back from the underworld.[34] The myth was represented in a cycle with three phases: the "descent", the "search", and the "ascent" (Greek anodos) with contrasted emotions from sorrow to joy which roused the mystae to exultation. The main theme was the ascent of Persephone and the reunion with her mother Demeter.[35] At the beginning of the feast, the priests filled two special vessels and poured them out, one towards the west and the other towards the east. The people looking both to the sky and the earth shouted in a magical rhyme "rain and conceive". In a ritual, a child was initiated from the hearth (the divine fire). The name pais (child) appears in the Mycenean inscriptions,[36] it was the ritual of the "divine child" who originally was Ploutos. In the Homeric hymn the ritual is connected with the myth of the agricultural god Triptolemus.[37] The goddess of nature survived in the mysteries where the following words were uttered: "Mighty Potnia bore a great son".[3] Potnia (Linear B po-ti-ni-ja : lady or mistress), is a Mycenaean title applied to goddesses,[38] and probably the translation of a similar title of pre-Greek origin.[39] The high point of the celebration was "an ear of grain cut in silence", which represented the force of the new life. The idea of immortality did not exist in the mysteries at the beginning, but the initiated believed that they would have a better fate in the underworld. Death remained a reality, but at the same time a new beginning like the plant which grows from the buried seed.[4] A depiction from the old palace of Phaistos is very close to the image of the anodos of Persephone. An armless and legless deity grows out of the ground, and her head turns to a large flower.[40]

Hippolytus of Rome, one of the Church Fathers writing in the early 3rd century AD, discloses in Refutation of All Heresies that "the Athenians, while initiating people into the Eleusinian rites, likewise display to those who are being admitted to the highest grade at these mysteries, the mighty, and marvellous, and most perfect secret suitable for one initiated into the highest mystic truths: an ear of grain in silence reaped."[47]

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Aesop, Fables 133 (from Chambry 133 & Babrius 75) (trans. Gibbs) (Greek fable C6th B.C.) :"The Incompetent Doctor . . . The patient said [to the incompetent doctor], 'They [the shades of Haides] are taking it easy, drinking the water of Lethe. But Persephone and the mighty god Plouton [Haides] were just now threatening terrible things against all the doctors, since they keep the sick people from dying. Every single doctor was denounced, and they were ready to put you at the top of the list. This scared me, so I immediately stepped forward and grasped their royal sceptres as I solemnly swore that this was simply a ridiculous accusation, since you are not really a doctor at all."

Seneca, Hercules Furens 1100 ff :"Let the heavens hear his mighty groans, let the queen of the dark world [Proserpina-Persephone] hear, and fierce Cerberus, crouching in his lowest cave . . . let Chaos re-echo the outcries of his grief."

Orphic Hymn 83 to Oceanus (trans. Taylor) (Greek hymns C3rd B.C. to 2nd A.D.) :"Okeanos whose nature ever flows, from whom at first both gods and men arose; sire incorruptible, whose waves surround, and earth's all-terminating circle bound : hence every river, hence the spreading sea, and earth's pure bubbling fountains spring from thee. Hear, mighty sire, for boundless bliss is thine, greatest cathartic of the powers divine : earth's friendly limit, fountain of the pole, whose waves wide spreading and circumfluent roll. Approach benevolent, with placid mind, and be forever to thy mystics kind."

Aeschylus, Fragment 33 Heliades (from Athenaeus, Deipnosophists 11. 39. 469F) (trans. Weir Smyth) (Greek tragedy C5th B.C.) :"Where, in the west, is the bowl wrought by Hephaistos (Hephaestus), the bowl of thy sire [Helios the Sun], speeding wherein he crosseth the mighty, swelling stream that girdeth earth [i.e. Okeanos], fleeing the gloom of holy Nyx (Night) of sable steeds."

Oppian, Cynegetica 2. 100 ff (trans. Mair) (Greek poet C3rd A.D.) :"Herakles, the mighty son of Zeus, when fulfilling his labours, drove of old from Erytheia, what time he fought with Geryoneus beside Okeanos and slew him amid the crags."

Natsumi usually likes to help out but doesn't like to get her hands dirty. She is shown to have a caring side for Raimon, Little Gigant and Inazuma Japan, as these teams reminded her of Endou Mamoru's unwavering confidence. She's also the girl who has evolved the most in terms of personality, going from all haughty and mighty to caring and dedicated to others, and more specially Endou, given her determination for finding more about the whereabouts of Endou Daisuke, and for finally reuniting the grandson and grandfather together through the fulfilling of their common dream, a face-to-face confrontation at the summit of world youth soccer. Also, after her return to Inazuma Japan, she becomes more friendly and collaborative with the others, feeling herself part of the team.

Once awakened, she unleashes her supremely powerful destructive and deathly abilities upon Pharaoh 90, and ultimately brings about the complete annihilation and nonexistence of the entire world by dropping her Silence Glaive down on its edge. Fortunately, Super Sailor Moon appears unscathed; thus giving the four Inner Sailor Guardians and three of the Outer Guardians to evolve into their own Super Sailor forms. Reveling in the agony and disintegration she has brought upon Pharaoh 90, Sailor Saturn assures everyone that "always with the end comes hope and rebirth" and that the only one capable of bringing such holy power forth is Super Sailor Moon herself. The Guardian of Death and Ruin then urges Super Sailor Pluto to forever close the door to the forbidden realm, even though she would be taken as well. Super Sailor Pluto calls on the mighty power of her guardian deity, Chronos himself, and seals the Door; thus sealing both Pharaoh 90 and Sailor Saturn away. Super Sailor Moon then becomes Neo Queen Serenity and uses the great healing powers of the Spiral Heart Moon Scepter to revitalize the Earth and reverse all that was wiped out by Pharaoh 90 and Sailor Saturn's supreme deadly powers. It is then that a bright purple light emanates from the ruins, where the cries of a newborn are heard by Super Sailor Neptune, who realizes that it is indeed Sailor Saturn; her spirit once again reborn and reincarnated as Hotaru Tomoe. She, along with Super Sailor Uranus and Super Sailor Pluto make the vow to raise her as their own "sister," being all alone in the world. The trio part ways with the others, stating they will surely meet again someday, as they are all allies and friends. To symbolize that promise, Super Sailor Neptune gives her mystical Deep Aqua Mirror to Super Sailor Chibi Moon and tells her to look in it for guidance, and to become an even stronger Guardian of the Future Moon by the next time they meet.

One of the elder races of Koldenwelt, the lordly Ordnung were once a mighty race whose Cobalt Kingdom had reigned over the Ar-Klith Mountains. Extremely disciplined, deceitful and utterly merciless, their innumerable legions once conquered entire civilisations in the name of their god-king, Goldemar. Overzealous in their goal to maintain order in their realm, they exterminated anyone who would dare to question their will - Ordnung and non-Ordnung alike. Fortunately for the rest of the world, the Ordnung mysteriously vanished circa 15,000 years ago, leaving only ruins of their once great civilisations.

There are rumours, however, that some Ordnung have managed to survive the fall of their mighty empire by hiding in the deepest caverns underneath Ar-Klith, beyond the reach of Klaxxa miners. If so, the Klaxxa and indeed, all Koldenwelti species should prepare for the arrival of their true masters eager to rebuild the glory of the ancients.

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