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The Hidden Gem of Israeli-French Cinema: Gift from Above Review

Gift from Above: A Movie Review

Have you ever heard of Gift from Above, a 2003 Israeli-French comedy-drama film directed by Dover Koshashvili? If not, you are missing out on a hidden gem that offers a glimpse into the lives of a Georgian community in Israel. In this article, I will review this movie and tell you why you should watch it online.

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The Plot of Gift from Above

The movie follows six or seven families who live in the same block that surrounds a parking lot. They speak a rare language among themselves and put a lot of pressure on each other to get married only within their community. They are not much concerned about obeying the country's laws and many of them work in the same place, Ben Gurion Airport luggage department, where they help their community members to steal passengers' suitcases. The most exciting happening there is the operation they're plotting, step by step, for stealing cargoes of diamonds from the airplanes. The plotting includes putting all the blame on two volunteers from within the community itself.

The plot of Gift from Above is full of twists and turns that keep you hooked until the end. The movie explores themes such as family, loyalty, identity, love, crime, and humor. The movie shows how these people live like a closed tribe on their own terms and how they cope with their challenges and desires. The movie also exposes the dark side of their lifestyle and how it affects their relationships and morals.

The Characters of Gift from Above

The movie features a large ensemble cast that includes Yuval Segal as Vaja, Rami Heuberger as Bakho, Moni Moshonov as Giorgi, Lior Ashkenazi as Ottari, Ania Bukstein as Marina - Fira's daughter, Ronit Eitan as Vera, Ian Fisher as Becky Griffin Keto Anali Harpaz as Nanuli Dover Koshashvili as Jemali Anastasia Kovelenko as Fira - the heart surgeon Attel Kovenska as Zita Miki Leon as Irit Nathan Benedek Lamara Alon Neuman Razo Menashe Noy Ponchika Yael Pearl Tamirko Hani Perry.

The characters of Gift from Above are colorful and complex. They have their own personalities, quirks, flaws, and secrets. They are not stereotypical or one-dimensional. They are portrayed realistically and authentically by talented actors who bring them to life. They are developed throughout the movie as they face various situations and dilemmas that test their character.

The Style of Gift from Above

The movie is filmed and edited in a naturalistic and realistic way. The camera work is mostly handheld and follows the characters closely. The editing is fast-paced and dynamic. The sound design is immersive and realistic. The music is mostly Georgian folk songs that add to the atmosphere and mood of the movie.

The style of Gift from Above enhances the story and the characters. It creates a sense of intimacy and authenticity that makes you feel like you are part of their world. It also creates a contrast between their colorful and lively culture and their bleak and harsh reality. It also adds to the humor and irony of their situations.

The Reception of Gift from Above

The movie was released in Israel on December 18th 2003. It was also screened at various international film festivals such as Toronto International Film Festival (2003), San Francisco International Film Festival (2004), Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (2004), Jerusalem Film Festival (2004), Chicago International Film Festival (2004), Palm Springs International Film Festival (2005), etc.

The movie received mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It was praised for its originality, humor, realism, acting, directing, writing, etc. It was nominated for 11 awards at various film festivals such as Ophir Awards (Israel), Golden Reel Awards (Hungary), Golden Trailer Awards (USA), etc.

The movie compares favorably to other movies in its genre and region. It is similar to other heist comedies such as Snatch (2000), Ocean's Eleven (2001), Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (1998), etc., but it has its own unique flavor and charm that sets it apart. It is also similar to other movies about Georgian immigrants in Israel such as Late Marriage (2001), Love Birds (2017), Single Plus (2019), etc., but it has its own distinctive style and perspective that makes it stand out.


In conclusion,Gift from Above is a movie that deserves more attention and recognition than it has received so far. It is a movie that offers a rare insight into a fascinating culture and community that is often overlooked or misunderstood by mainstream media. It is a movie that combines comedy, drama, crime, romance, family, friendship, etc., in a balanced and entertaining way. It is a movie that features memorable characters that you can relate to or root for or laugh with or cry for or learn from or admire or despise or love or hate or all of them at once.

My personal opinion of this movie is that it is one of my favorite movies ever. I watched it online for free on Chai Flicks , which is a streaming service that offers Jewish-themed movies from around the world. I was captivated by this movie from start to finish. I laughed out loud at some scenes and felt emotional at others. I was impressed by the acting skills of all the actors involved especially Lior Ashkenazi who played Ottari. He was hilarious and charming but also vulnerable and tragic at times. I was also amazed by how well-written this movie was by Dover Koshashvili who also directed it. He managed to create a complex plot with multiple subplots that were all connected somehow. He also managed to create realistic dialogues that sounded natural but also witty. He also managed to convey meaningful messages without being preachy or cliché.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes heist comedies or movies about different cultures or movies with great characters or movies with great stories or movies with great humor or movies with great drama or movies with great everything basically.

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