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Sailor Moon Episode 31

"Loved and Chased: Luna's Worst Day Ever" is the 31st episode of 1st season of the Sailor Moon anime and the 31st of the overall series. It aired in Japan on November 7, 1992. The DiC English dub title is "Kitty Chaos" and it aired in North America on October 7, 1995.

Sailor Moon Episode 31

Makoto asked what Ami was doing with the computer. Ami said that she was looking for the seventh Rainbow Crystal. Usagi looked into her backpack and saw that the moon stick wasn't responding. When Usagi said that the moon stick wasn't responding, Luna said that that was the reason why they were looking for it with the computer. Then, Ami finished typing in all of the data. When she ran the program, the small screen gave displays of some maps. Luna said that that must be where the seventh Rainbow Crystal was.

After the girls went to the house, a lot of the stray cats gathered around Luna. Luna got very scared. The little girl answered the door. She said that her parents weren't home. But the moon stick was responding. Then, Rhett Butler ran away from the girl's grasp and ran outside. The girl went after her cat. The girl went into an alley after Rhett Butler, but Rhett Butler was gone. Then, Zoisite appeared.

Rei was walking around. She was thinking that she should have gone out with Yuuichirou. Then she spotted Luna and Rhett Butler. She thought that they were on a date. After a while, Ami looked at the moon stick in Usagi's backpack. Then, Ami wondering why the moon stick isn't responding. Makoto thought the girl was the youma and that the moon stick was responding before. Then, Ami and Makoto both realized that it was the cat. Usagi was still busy playing the Sailor V game. Then, she got killed in the game.

have like 2 big news 1st off The English dubbed Version of Sailor Stars is streaming on Hulu and 2nd this link below -04-01/sailor-moon-stage-musical-returns-in-september-after-covid-19-delay/.171354i think Adam will make 2 separate posts one for the English dubbed Version of Sailor Stars and one for the musical returns in September

As a final note, this week's episode brings us a new version of the opening theme (which isn't quite as enjoyable) and a brand new ending theme featuring Chibi-Usa and some random male backup singers. This is simultaneously tooth-rottingly cute and kind of creepy with the deep male vocals, but if you like to sing along, good news: both songs now have romaji.

While Sailor Moon Crystal still can't quite decide how much story to put in each episode, this is still a pretty good one. It has enough interesting and important moments to keep things moving without overloading any of them too badly, and while it might have been nice to see a slightly different balance of elements, at least it doesn't feel as choppy as last week, putting the show back on the right track.

Sailor Mercury vs Ishida is the 31st episode and Season 4 Premiere of Zeo Fanon DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Sailor Mercury from the Sailor Moon series and Uryu Ishida from the Bleach series in a battle between these two book smart cosmic defenders.

Wiz: Thousands of years ago, a kingdom thrived on the moon. Ruled by the beautiful Queen Serenity, her heir, Princess Serenity was guarded by 4 guardians. One of which is the princess of the planet Mercury, Sailor Mercury.

  • Usagi is convinced by her friends to attend a new, totally not suspicious, crafts session to make a promise bracelet ring to help win back her old boyfriend. But fate comes up with another solution as the bun-head finally learns why Mamoru broke up with her in the first place. Tropes in this episode include: Anguished Declaration of Love: Usagi frantically tells her ex that she just wants to be with him even if she were to die or if the world were to end.

  • Break-Up/Make-Up Scenario: The agonizing Break Up Arc comes to an end with Mamoru accepting to love Usagi in the present while preparing for whatever the future holds for them.

  • Calling Your Attacks: The Ringleader Droid does this when she announces each of her attacks.

  • Character Filibuster: Udering has a habit of giving long explanations with her ring attacks.

  • Clap Your Hands If You Believe: Makoto insists that the bracelet rings can make any wish come true if the user believes in them with all their heart.

  • Clingy Costume: Once the Dark Power in the bracelet rings activate, they cling onto the user and won't let go.

  • Dreaming of Things to Come: After having the same Wedding Nightmare every night, Mamoru believes that it's a vision of their future.

  • Everyone Can See It: Sailor Moon's friends can see that she still loves Mamoru and they encourage her to pursue him, knowing that he still has feelings for her.

  • Flash In The Pan Fad: Naru and Umino mention how making promise bracelets have become the newest trend in school. By next episode, no one is going to mention them.

  • Friendship Trinket: The theme of the episode involves promise bracelets which are said to bind two people together. Esmeraude has her Droid turn the bracelets into painful weapons that deliver immense pain to whoever wears them.

  • Internal Reveal: Usagi finally understands the reason why Mamoru dumped her.

  • It's All My Fault: Usagi blames herself for Mamoru dumping her like rotten vegetables and asks to at least explain what she did that made him turn into a monster.

  • It Has Only Just Begun: Esmeraude shows up near the end to taunt the Sailor Guardians on how it's only a matter of time before she creates her Dark Gate.

  • Just for Pun: In the Japanese version, Usagi mishears promise ring as "pro-wrestling" which leads to her imagining Naru and Umino getting it on in wrestling gear.

  • Karma Houdini: Mamoru doesn't face any consequences for acting like a cold-hearted jerk to Usagi without an explanation. He doesn't even apologize to her face for everything he's done to her.

  • Race for Your Love: The last scene has Usagi running across Tokyo determined to reunite with Mamoru.

  • Reunion Kiss: The episode ends with Usagi and Mamoru sharing a kiss in the moonlight.

  • Rings of Death: Udering uses giant energy rings to attack the Guardians.

  • Shout-Out: The Five Ring Spin Out Attack resembles the logo for the Olympics.

  • Wham Episode: Usagi and Mamoru reunite once again.

  • Worst Wedding Ever: Usagi gets a nightmare where she sees her and Mamoru tragically separated on their wedding day.

Well, Haruka was a rock star this episode as always, really. I liked her interactions with Usagi the most. Clearly she cares deeply about her but keeps her distance regardless. Remind you of anyone hah hah anyway.

Well that was a hell of a lot of story happening in one episode. The only downside is that because of the need to drop so much exposition, wrap up a number of old plots, and set the final plot of the series into motion, the episode itself is actually rather slight.

Feel free to support me with a donation via one of the donation links below.";}$(this).dequeue();});Hello there, Sailor Moon fan, and welcome to, a fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga, musicals, and classic 90s Sailor Moon anime to the PGSM live-action series, Sailor Moon Crystal, Eternal, and Sailor Moon Cosmos! The site can be navigated via the above main menu and via the side content. Sailor Moon Says! Your Fellow Moonie, Bradsurvey hostingEpisode 31Sailor MoonA Reluctant PrincessJap.35 "Returning Memories! Usagi and Mamoru's Past."The Moon Princess has been revealed! It's been Sailor Moon all along!Sailor Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all stand in awe as Sailor Moon transforms into her Moon Princess form and nurses the fallen Tuxedo Mask. Luna walks up to them as her crescent moon symbol begins to glow causing her and Sailor Moon to remember a part of their past. Suddenly, Zoicite attacks them all but the Moon Princess simply holds aloft her Moon Wand and summons a powerful energy blast with the words, Cosmic Moon Power which hits Zoicite and blasts her off her feet.The Moon Princess doesn't seem to give this a second thought and continues to remember her time on the Moon in her past life where she was called Princess Serena and Darien was the prince of the Earth. They all lived in happiness until Queen Beryl attacked and they were killed in their attack on the Moon. As the memory finishes, the Moon Princess transforms back into Sailor Moon and passes out. The Inner Scouts run up to her in a panic but are relieved to see that she has only fainted.Before they can do anything else, Malakite appears and helps support the hurt Zoicite. He fires a blast of energy at the group which distracts them long enough to teleport Tuxedo Mask and themselves away. Sailor Mars looks worried and wonders where they've taken him.In Queen Beryl's thrown room, Beryl confronts Zoicite who had obviously gone against her orders not to harm Tuxedo Mask. Zoicite tries to defend herself and explains that him being hurt was an accident but Beryl doesn't buy it and blasts her with a powerful bolt of pink energy.Beryl then leaves to be with Tuxedo Mask and ask the powerful Negaforce to brainwash Tuxedo Mask into being on their side.Elsewhere, Malakite holds a dying Zoicite in his arms. Zoicite asks Malakite not to forget her and disappears into a cloud of Sakura petals. Malakite stands up, ready for revenge.Back in the Starlight Tower, the Scouts, Luna and Artemis are trying to find their way out. Jupiter is carrying the still unconscious Sailor Moon on her back and Sailor Mercury is using her computer to calculate how to exit the warped space they seem to be in.Jupiter tells Mercury that she better find a way out soon because Serena "may be a princess but she isn't light!". Sailor Moon who had just started to wake up tells Jupiter that she heard what she said as all the Scouts gather around her.Luna and Artemis tell them all that before they go any further they should know about their past which Luna and Artemis are just beginning to remember at this very moment. They explain how Serena was the Princess of the Moon and Darien the Prince of the Earth but also that the other Scouts were princesses of their own respective planets.Sailor Moon gets frustrated and tells them that she doesn't want any of this. She doesn't want to be Sailor Moon or the Moon Princess. She just wants to be Serena! The all try to comfort her and tell her that when this is all over they'll all go get some ice cream or something.All of a sudden, Malakite appears and demands that they hand over the Silver Crystal. Everyone, of course refuses and Sailor Venus and Jupiter step forward to defend their newly discovered princess and crystal.Sailor Jupiter fires a blast of Jupiter Thunder Crash which seems to have no effect at all. Sailor Venus follows up with a powerful Venus Crescent Beam Smash attack but Malakite absorbs this one too and fires both of the attacks back at Venus and Jupiter, shocking them and knocking them out.Sailor Mars then steps forward and attacks Malakite with a Mars Fire Ignite. Malakite simply laughs at her attempt to defeat him and fires her attack back at her, knocking her out as well.Malakite tells Sailor Mercury to step aside but she refuses and is blasted against Sailor Moon while trying to protect her. Sailor Moon panics but hears all of her friend's voices cheering her on and even senses Tuxedo Mask asking her to set him free again.Sailor Moon stands up, raises the Moon Wand and with all her might and for the sake of her entire universe she summons the power of Cosmic Moon Power and defeats Malakite (though not destroying him) and completely disrupts the negaenergy surrounding the Starlight Tower, freeing them all.Later, as the Sailor Scouts look at the rising sun, Sailor Moon tells them that she will free Tuxedo Mask. No matter what.Interesting Facts First time (and second time) use of the powerful Cosmic Moon Power attack which doesn't have an animated sequence making it one of the few attacks in the anime series that is done in real time. This episode was the first appearance of Queen Serenity in the original Japanese version of the show, but due to episode one in the English dub featuring clips from a later flashback featuring the Queen, this episode is the second appearance of the character. In the original Japanese anime, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask's past live personas were Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion (after the Greek legends). These were changed in the first two seasons of the English dub to Princess Serena and Prince Darien probably to make it less confusing to new viewers. When the Sailor Moon R movie was made though, they reverted back to the Japanese titles of Serenity and Endymion as did the other two movies and the following third and fourth seasons, Sailor Moon S and SuperS.If you're after a canon explanation, one could assume that Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask's memories of their past lives in the first two seasons weren't complete and by the time the R movie and S season happened they had remembered everything, including their real past life names.Shopping InfoSailor Moon Vol. 6Read My ReviewBuy from / Amazon.caPretty Soldier Sailor Moon Vol.6Read My Review / Buy from Amazon.jpSailor Moon 2Read My ReviewBuy from Amazon.jpLove Sailor Moon? Sign up for my free Sailor Moon newsletter to stay up-to-date with all of the latest Sailor Moon anime, manga, and merchandise news.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();Sign up for my free Sailor Moon email newsletter to get the latest Sailor Moon news sent straight to your inbox. Check it out! 041b061a72


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