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DBSK A Millionaire's First Love OST 20 Insa ((TOP))

hey there...i do love ur's very helpful...i just want to you have song that sang by xiah called propose?if u have,can u upload it along with the lyric..i really love that song but i couldnt find the song anywhere...i really appreciate if u help me with my problem...thank u dbsker...

DBSK A Millionaire's First Love OST 20 Insa


우아아아 ...종말 감사함니다!! ^___^This site is reeeally cooli love dbsk so much and i'm learning korean at the same time and it helps me so much to follow along their lyrics in hangul and in english (romanizations always help too, keke)THANKS to everyone who made this site possible!

i love this blog, it has practically everything dbsk anyone can want! ^^can i request for the lyrics to xiahtic? i bet a lot of people are wanting that too xD thanks so much to anyone who can put it up \^3^/

i love this blog! it's my resource of dbsk lyrics! but still not complete.... i was wondering if u could post xiahtic, and checkmate lyrics... jap n kor ver... and i still love this archive!!!


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