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[S1E13] The Parting Of The Ways

After the War, the Emissary, who was off world at the time, ends up on Earth in London at the same time as the Slitheen attack. Faced with her former friend for the first time in years, the Emissary sets out to do what she always does: keep the Timeline intact.

[S1E13] The Parting of the Ways

Given that their relationship had been smooth sailing up to this point, this did prove to be an intriguing storyline as it meant that Rose and the Doctor would have to find new ways to adapt to their new circumstances - especially since this event also coincided with the Sycorax's invading Earth (2005 Christmas special "The Christmas Invasion"). However, after the Tenth Doctor still showed that he was just as courageous and heroic as the last, helping save the world from the Sycorax as well as several artificially-grown humans from the Sisters of Plentitude (season 2, episode 1 "New Earth"), she decided to give this new incarnation a chance.

Of all the NuWho finales this is easily my favourite, genuine drama and it didn't leave me disappointed due to prior fandom hype. Yes, Davies handled the other finales well but his resolutions always felt like a let down. In honestly though Parting of the Ways didn't. I love stolen earth far more than journeys end. but with this I found bad wolf almost like a great prelude without having to go to far, whereas the Stolen Earth was great because it gave the fans the emotional hype we had expected, which was immediately brushed aside in the next episode for the sake of pure Dalekmania. 041b061a72


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