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Annie Laird is a sculptor who lives in New York with her son Oliver; she works a day job as a data entry clerk. Annie is selected to be a juror in the trial of mafia boss Louie Boffano, who is accused of ordering the murder of Salvatore Riggio.

The Juror

Why you received the Form. The Juror Qualification Form is sent to all prospective jurors and is used to help determine whether a person is qualified to be a juror. Jury Offices use the statewide voter registration list and the Motor Vehicle Administration lists of people with driver's licenses or identification cards (and sometimes other lists) to get the names of prospective jurors. These lists are used to make sure that each jury is selected at random from a cross section of the adult Maryland citizens who reside in the county/Baltimore City.

Thank you for visiting the Massachusetts Juror Service Website. Jury duty is a privilege and a responsibility shared by all eligible citizens in our participatory democracy. There are no exemptions from jury duty: doctors, police officers, students, and even judges are eligible to serve as jurors.

The Jury Commissioner, Pamela J. Wood, and her office create the master juror list for each judicial district, issue summonses, and help jurors respond to summonses. The OJC also works to educate jurors and the public about the importance and value of jury service.

At least every two years, a three-person Jury Commission for each county oversees the compiling of a master jury list of licensed drivers and / or registered voters. Names are drawn at random from this list. A jury summons is printed and issued to jurors by U.S. mail.

Any person summoned as a juror who is a full-time student at an out of state educational institution and who wishes to be excused or who is 72 years or older and who wishes to be excused, deferred, or exempted, may make the request without appearing in person by filing a signed statement of the ground of the request at any time five business days before the date upon which the person is summoned to appear.

Any person summoned as a juror who has a disability that could interfere with the person's ability to serve as a juror and who wishes to be excused, deferred, or exempted may make the request without appearing in person by filing a signed statement of the ground of the request, including a brief explanation of the disability that interferes with the person's ability to serve as a juror, at any time five business days before the date upon which the person is summoned to appear. Upon request of the court, medical documentation of any disability may be submitted. Any privileged medical information or protected health information described in this section shall be confidential.

Dress comfortably, but not too casually. Dress for court in a manner that maintains the dignity of the court. For example, many judges do not allow anyone to come to court wearing halter or tank tops, cut-off jeans, or shirts with offensive wording and / or images. You will be acting as part of the court while serving as a juror, so dress appropriately. Wear layered clothing since courtroom temperatures may vary considerably.

It is against the law for an employer to fire or demote an employee because he or she served as a juror or grand juror. However, the law does not require that the employee be paid in full while serving. Notify your employer as soon as you receive a jury summons and check with your employer regarding the payment policy for jury service. Read more in the Employers' Guide to Jury Service.

In smaller counties, your jury summons may tell you whether you are summoned for a criminal or civil session of court. In larger counties, several court sessions are held at the same time, so you may hear either criminal or civil matters. If you are seated for a trial, you must serve until the trial ends, which could be two days to several weeks. However, most jurors only serve for one or two days.

When you report to the courthouse, you may be required to watch a juror orientation video. Court staff will give you additional information. All jurors will take an oath. Once a trial begins and you are sworn in, you will be given a juror badge to wear until you are released by the judge. The judge will instruct you on your duties as a juror.

If Step 2 on your summons instructs you to call for instructions, you are a call-in juror. Please call the phone number listed in Step 2 AFTER 5:00 PM on the date indicated and listen for your instructions. If employed, DO NOT TAKE THE DAY OFF FROM WORK unless you have been instructed to report. Please be prepared to report mid-day if instructed to do so.

Per California Code of Civil Procedure Sec. 215(d)(2), jurors may request to receive reimbursement of up to $12.00 (daily maximum) for the cost of public transit incurred. Public transit includes buses, subways, light rail, commuter rails, trolleys, and ferries. Rideshare services such as Uber, Lyft and taxis are not eligible. Jurors who choose this option will no longer be eligible to receive payment for mileage and, if applicable, validation to cover parking fees. To request reimbursement, please speak with a Jury Clerk on your first day of jury service.

The Jury Act also allows courts to excuse a juror from service at the time he or she is summoned on the grounds of "undue hardship or extreme inconvenience." The juror should write a letter to the clerk of court requesting an excuse with an explanation of hardship.

It is very important that you call as instructed. If you do not call and/or report when instructed; you will be listed as a FAILURE TO APPEAR. A court order may be issued for you summoning you to the courthouse for a special hearing to explain to the judge why you failed to appear, or a warrant for your arrest may be ordered by the court. Consequences that may be imposed for failing to appear for jury duty include fines or incarceration.First Day: In order to minimize jurors' time away from their normal daily activities, the Carver County Jury Management staff brings jurors to the courthouse only when efforts to settle or plead out a case have been unsuccessful. Your jury summons will indicate when to start calling the Jury Information line. You are required to call (952) 361-1455 daily at 11:30 a.m. starting on Tuesday of the first week of your jury service for a recorded message directing you when to report. The recording will identify you by your assigned group number only.

Jury service in Chisago County is a term of one month (first Monday of the month-first Monday of the following month). Trials are usually set for the first 2 or 3 weeks of the month, but may occasionally be set outside of that time. Normal hours for jurors are 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.Chisago County utilizes a phone-in system to inform jurors when to report for service. Prospective jurors are instructed to call the Chisago County Jury Message Line at (651) 213-7011 starting after 6:00 p.m. on the Friday before their first day of service and continuing throughout their term of service. This message will either list when, where, and who needs to report or inform prospective jurors when to call again.

You will receive jury orientation the first day you are instructed to report for jury duty. You must call the juror information line at (507) 847-6852 every weekend and follow the instructions in the message.

First Day: Kanabec County utilizes a phone in system to inform jurors when to report for service. Prospective jurors are assigned a group number found on the summons and are instructed to call the Jury Phone-In System at (320) 679-6410 after 4:30 p.m. on the Friday before their term begins to find out if they need to report for trial. Instructions on the jury line will indicate further details for reporting in.

You must call the Jury Information Line every Monday after 5:00 p.m. beginning the first Monday of your term to obtain reporting instructions for that week. When calling, please have your group number ready. When jurors are instructed to report, they will be listed by group number only. No individual names will be listed. The group number is located next to the bar code number on the bottom portion of your summons. If you do not have your summons, please call (218) 834-8330 to obtain your group number. Failure to call or appear may result in you being found in contempt of court.

Correspondence with additional information specific to your juror service in Lake County will be sent a week or so prior to your term begin date, which will include a form for requesting time off due to vacations, doctor appointments, etc.

You will receive jury orientation the first day you are instructed to report for jury duty. You must call the juror information line at (507) 432-7004 every weekend and follow the instructions in the message.

Juror parking is available in the numbered spots in the Government Center South parking lot, which is located directly across the street from the Government Center on the south side of 4th Street SE (in front of the Government Center Annex/Work Release Facility). Overflow parking is available in the lot directly behind/south of the Holiday Gas Station, which is located at the corner of 4th Street SE and 4th Avenue SE. To park in either lot, you will need to display your juror summons.

Call the juror line at (507) 722-7328 after 4:30 p.m. the Friday before your term begins and after 4:30 p.m. each day thereafter until your service is over to know whether you need to report in person to the courthouse.

Jurors are allowed to park in the 1 or 2 hour parking spots near the courthouse or in the church parking lot on the west side of the courthouse. The only place jurors cannot park are in the lots or parking spots that are designated Law Enforcement Parking Only.

Jury deliberation may go into the evening hours, so jurors should make arrangements to accommodate this possibility. Jurors will receive further information about jury service at orientation when reporting on the first day. There will be opportunity to ask questions at that time.There are times when cases are settled prior to the trial date; therefore, it is important that jurors call the jury line number after 5:00 p.m. the night before the trial, or the morning of the trial before leaving for the courthouse. There will be a message that tells jurors the status of the trial, as well as provides instructions with regard to the need to report for jury duty as summoned. Jurors will need to know the courtroom they are assigned to before calling the jury line for trial status. This information can be found in the letter from Court Administration. This voice message service will not take messages. 041b061a72


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